RE-BLOG: “Cyborg Discriminatation” & “The Dark Side of Google Glass ”

FRIEND: Hey, are you a William Gibson fan?

ME: Sure. I’m generally a fan of anyone who is curious about/exploring how technology changes humanity without making it sound like either “Google Utopia is Coming” or “You kids with your damn iWhatsits, GET OFF MY LAWN!”

. . .

In lieu of my own words tonight, here’s a post by my new favorite group of delightfully mysterious culture hackers, Stop the Cyborgs, and a link to a relatively thoughtful article about the tension between privacy concerns and cyborg rights. (It even randomly mentions Heidegger. What?)

“Spence jokes about the Stop the Cyborgs movement. ‘I think it’s funny,’ he laughed. ‘I’d like to ask these bastards, though, who they think will stand against the robots when they come for the humans if not us cyborgs.'” 😉 #CTCC

Stop The Cyborgs

Interesting balanced article in PC mag which considers both the privacy angle and the cyborg rights issue with comments by us and self described cyborg Rob Spence.

Technology is moving so rapidly many theorists are saying we’re on the verge of fundamentally changing as human beings,” Spence says in his documentary Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary. “In the meantime, for those of us missing parts of our bodies, we’ll keep exploring and upgrading. It’s possible we are the pioneers of a new cybernetic age.”

“There is a whole complex area here, that of cyborg rights versus privacy rights, but we are confident it can be resolved,” the [stop the cyborgs] spokesperson said. Each side’s main concern is how it identifies itself and is perceived by others. “In the end it comes down to trust and respect. We need people to have control over data and we need ways in…

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